Website Design Portfolio

Our sites are designed on various platforms from our Magic Website Builder and Shopping cart, Adobe Muse and WordPress to custom coded sites. Combining platforms and plugins to achieve desired results. Take a look at our portfolio.

Magic Site Builder

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself


Design, build and publish your website on a budget in less than an hour with our Magic Site Builder. Includes SSL Encryption, web hosting and your unique subdomain. Or register your own top level domain (TLD) name.

If you have an idea or a plan for your future here's a good way to start bringing it to fruition. Even if you don't have any ideas, just starting will bring out your creativity. This very site was built on our cloud server with the same Magic Site Builder software. Absolutely no design or coding skills necessary. If you know how to write an email or use Facebook you're already over qualified.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning everybody can design and build websites with Platzer Media's Magic Site Builder.

For the price of a venti Cafe Mocha/month you can publish your website and even add e-commerce and integrate Social Media in less than a work day. Take the rest of the day off.

If you change your mind just cancel your payments. No contracts needed.

Do It Together

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself


Just send us your brief outline of a website by filling out the form provided and we'll get you started. If you can give us a few hints as to the "look" you want, style and colors you like, that would help, it's up to you. We'll stage an initial small concept website based on your input for free.

If you like to continue we'll give you access to the dashboard and show you how easy it is to make changes, add pages, pictures, videos, etc. Just look at this site. What ever you see here you can do as well. You will be an instant web designer. You can even start building sites for your own customers if you want. 

For 20 bucks a month we'll continue working with you. If you want to cut us lose and continue on your own we'll give you full access at a lower price at You will still have access to free 24/7 tech, billing and sales support. 

There are no contracts and you can cancel any time.

We Do It

Do It Yourself

We Do It


If you want we can manage it all for you. We'll set up your account and communicate your needs via phone, email, text, video conference, etc. whichever way you prefer.

Our Magic Site Builder is ideal for individuals and small businesses that like to update their sites in-house. But we're happy to do it so you can focus on your own business at hand.

If you down the road decide to take it in-house the Magic Site Builder makes the transition quick and painless.

As your business continuous to grow our state of the art servers and platforms are ready to handle your growing enterprise.

BTW, Designers and developers are welcome as white label resellers at