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List of interface languages available

List of languages available on platzermedia.com

Platzermedia.com is our e-commerce platform where you can buy or subscribe to our products. Clicking the list above will take you to the home page where you can chose your preferred language at the top right. Chose the language of your customers in the area you service. When you order Magic Site Builder it will open in your chosen language. 

Depending on your location the best tech, sales and billing support number displays to the left of the language icon. Countries with local phone numbers will not display a country code. Support is FREE and always available 24/7. However it's still only available in English. Corporate when available can be reached in France: 09 77 21 93 00‬, Sweden: 08 559 26 510 and USA: 310-620-7970. Leave a message if necessary.

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