Are we being Social…

…or alienated?

We have all seen it. A family at a restaurant where all family members are staring at their smartphones. A couple on a date doing the same thing. Is social media becoming an excuse to avoid human engagement and interaction?

But of course it's nice to connect and communicate with friends and family far away. When it comes to business there are also pro and con situations to consider. People do more and more business on social media which is obvious when you get bombarded by  more and more advertising. Many people went to Instagram being tired of Facebook's advertising. Of course Facebook ownes Instagram and is already doing the same thing there.

In my opinion your website is where you're brand lives, where its integrity and goodwill is guaranteed and safe from the menacing forces and distracting onslaught of everybody else's brands and advertising. You control the content instead of an international enterprise primarily financed by advertising.

Sure it's a place for networking but don't forget to send people to your brand headquarters i.e. your website.

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Your website is where your brand lives…


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The power of Social Media

Social Media has become everybody's advertising platform!