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What's a domain and why do I need it?

A domain is the address to your website just like a street address is necessary to find your physical location. We can give you a free domain address but a domain name that is in line with your brand identity is preferred for several reasons. If you don't register your preferred domain name anybody else can get it.

When it comes to pricing, be aware of the fine print. Many registrars offer very low prices for first year but then the price goes way up. We don't play that game. Compare our prices for 3 years and on you will notice our prices are very competitive.

Yourdomain.com is your's just like google.com belongs to google. To further protect your brand consider to also register yourdomain.net, .org, etc. Or any other of the hundreds of Top Level Domains (TLDs) we offer.

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Hosting Servers


cPanel is Linux based and ideal for WordPress but also compatible with most server types, databases, and APIs. Compare cPanel and Plesk

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Plesk Windows web hosting is perfect for those who use ASP.NET, ASP or SQL Server. Plesk is compatible with most server types, databases and APIs.

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We offer 5 different WP hosting packages. From 1 basic blog or startup site to 25 sites packed with pro features for developers. Our WP servers are optimized for security and WP compatibility.

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Business Hosting

Four different packages featuring unlimited websites and databases with unmetered traffic and RAM speeds up to 8GB on 4 CPUs.

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VPS Hosting

VPS Linux hosting with managed services comes in 4 packages on cPanel from 40 GB with 1GB RAM to 240GB with 8GB RAM.

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Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated Linux Servers range from 1TB with 4GB RAM to 2TB with 32GB RAM. They all come with unlimited bandwidth and SSL.

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Website Builders

Magic Site Builder

This is our latest cloud based software that literally makes it possible for you to publish a professional website in less than an hour. If you are a newbie to the internet there is no better way to start. You don't even need a computer, you can do it on your smartphone. That's how we built this Site, it's Magic!

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More than 1/3 of all websites are built with WordPress. Our WordPress hosting is optimized for security and ease of use. We offer several plans to fit your needs. You may just need one site or you're a developer that will build several sites, either way we got you covered.

Serious developers check out our reseller programs

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Shopping Cart

We offer three versions of our shopping cart depending on the size of your store. You can make your cart a stand alone website or have it as a part of a separate site. 

If you only have a few items you may not need a shopping cart at all, just a few PayPal buttons added to your website.

Questions, just ask?!

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Why you need an SSL Certificate

Customers are looking for it - visitors want to know the sites they visit are secure.

Higher Google search ranking. Google uses SSL as a ranking signal. SSL encrypted sites will be ranked higher than non-encrypted sites.

"HTTPS everywhere" is a movement led by Google, Mozilla, and Apple, just to namea few, to make the Internet a safe place by default. HTTPS is not a nice-to-have anymore, it's a must-have.

Browsers are calling out non-secure sites with warnings and alert messages.

Big security breaches grab the headlines, but in reality small businesses are at a higher risk. There's a rise in cyber attacks on small business simply because they're easy targets. Small business owners are less aware and less equipped to handle attacks.

An SSL protects your customers by encrypting sensitive data like usernames, passwords and credit card numbers as they pass through your site. 

80% of cyber attacks could be stopped by adopting simple basics such as an SSL.

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