Why you need an SSL Certificate

An SSL protects your customers by encrypting sensitive data like usernames, passwords

and credit card numbers as they pass through your site.

Customers are looking for it - visitors want to know the sites they visit are secure.

Higher Google search ranking. Google uses SSL as a ranking signal. SSL encrypted sites will be ranked higher than non-encrypted sites.

"HTTPS everywhere" is a movement led by Google, Mozilla, and Apple, just to namea few, to make the Internet a safe place by default. HTTPS is not a nice-to-have anymore, it's a must-have.

Browsers are or will be calling out non-secure sites with warnings and alert messages.

Big security breaches grab the headlines, but in reality small businesses are at a higher risk. There's a rise in cyber attacks on small business simply because they're easy targets. Small business owners are less aware and less equipped to handle attacks. 

80% of cyber attacks could be stopped by adopting simple basics such as an SSL.

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